Monday, October 26, 2009

Hyundai increases sales in Africa and Middle East

Although Hyundai posted the highest sales increase in China market, where sales have jumped more than 150 percent last month, the Korean largest automaker also increased its sales in Afric and Middle East and Africa.

According to the KAMA - Korea Automobile Manufacturers Association, Hyundai shipped 17.528 vehicles to African countries last month, while at the same, it exported more than 46.000 units to the Middle East (plus 83.8% from a year ago).

The beginning of the year was tough for Hyundai as the automaker experienced slumping sales, but recently ( July-September period), Korean carmaker experienced a sharp turnaround! Year on year exports to the Middle East jumped 38 percent to 106.132 units, while shipments to Africa rose 25% to 44,253.

The outlook for the Hyundai brand is good. The automaker will introduce new models next year and it also plans to spend more money on marketing in the region (Africa and Middle East).

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