Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hyundai India posts December 2009 sales report

Hyundai announced today that it has sold 22.6 percent more new cars in India during the month of December 2009 compared to the same month a year earlier.

According to Hyundai's monthly sales report, the company sold 47217 new vehicles in India last month, while in the same month a year earlier, the Korean largest automaker sold 38502 new vehicles in the fast growing car market.

Hyundai Motor India produces small cars such as i20 and i10 hatchback and about half of them are sold in India, while the rest of them are destined for markets overseas, including Europe and other Asian markets.

During the last month of 2009, the i10, i20 and Santro mini-car have been the top performing Hyundai vehicles with sales topping at 44129 units. In addition, Hyundai also sold a little more than 3000 units of Accent hatchback and 20 units of Hyundai Sonata sedan.

According to Arvind Saxena, director of Marketing and Sales of Hyundai Motor India, the overall economic situation have in India have improved and the automotive market seems to have stabilized.

Overall Hyundai sales during all 12 months of the year increased by 15 percent to 559880 units, compared to 489343 new vehicles sold a year earlier. Hyundai revealed its Indian sales soared 18 percent (to 289863 units ) when compared to 2008, while sales overseas increased to 270017 new Hyundai cars.

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