Thursday, September 22, 2011

SsangYong SUVs to capture 20 percent market in Korea

New vision to bring new models and higher sales, says SsangYong, South Korea's smallest carmaker.

SsangYong revealed a new brand development and sales growth strategy for the next few years.

Called "Aspiration 2016" the new ambitious vision will not only result in more new models hitting the streets of South Korea and other markets, but also means the carmaker will increase its sales significantly and become more competitive player in the automotive field.

According to company's CEO Lee Yoo-il, SsangYong's vision is to become the most innovative and respected Korean automobile company.

Speaking of sales, the carmaker wants to lift its sales from less than 100.000 units achieved last year, to more than 160.000 vehicles by 2013 and hit the 300.000 sales by 2016.

At the same time, SsangYong aims to capture around 20 percent of domestic SUV market share. The company is recognized as a niche carmaker focusing on SUV and crossover vehicle production.

To achieve the above-mentioned sales goals, SsangYong revealed it plans to unveil five facelift models by 2013 and four completely new models by 2016. Some of them will also be zero-pollution electric vehicles.

One of those 4 new vehicles will be the production model of the XIV concept crossover vehicle, which made its debut at Frankfurt Auto Show, last month. The Kia-Soul-crossover sized CUV will feature sporty design and plenty of features at affordable price, say sources close to the carmaker.

You can see more details about the exciting XIV concept by following the link: SsangYong XIV-1

Meanwhile, Hyundai also intends to launch a B-segment SUV withing a year or two, meaning the battle for consumer will intensify further with new-coming models from Hyundai and SsangYong. And Kia might add its share by unveiling the next-generation all-wheel-drive Kia Soul!

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