Thursday, March 1, 2012

Firs image of Hyundai i-oniq concept leaks out

Hyundai plans to unveil a concept car called i-oniq at the Geneva Auto Show.

The i-oniq is the latest concept car designed by Hyundai Motor Company, which is stepping up its efforts to take even larger market share in Europe.

By introducing the i-qonic concept car, Hyundai wants to show its capabilities of designing stylish two-door coupes that can compete with better positioned carmakers such as BMW or Audi.

Designed by Hyundai's German styling studio, the new i-qonic concept car is a little shorter than the BMW 3-series coupe. Under the hood, the car features a hybrid-electric powertrain technology mated to a pair of electric motors driving the rear wheels.

Unfortunately, we have no further technical details on this exciting new concept car, so we'd better wait a few more days to see the concept car making its official premiere.

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