Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hyundai mulls new engine plant

Hyundai reports it has concluded a feasibility study on a new diesel engine plant in India about three months ago. According to the study, it would costHyundai around 550 million dollars to set up the plant with an annual capacity of 300.000 diesel engines.

According to Hyundai, the momentum towards a diesel engine plant in India is increasing now, as the automaker is planning to unveil a diesel powered i10 hatchback to counter emerging competition.

The i10 crdi would compete against just recently launched Ford Figo, which has achieved some good sales since launched a few weeks ago. The Figo is also available with diesel engine, so Hyundai has to respond in order not to loose customers looking for small fuel efficient cars with diesel engines.

Currently Hyundai builds gasoline powered i10 models in India, while those powered by 1.1L crdi diesel engine are imported from South Korea. Last year, Hyundai produced 270.000 units of i10 hatchback, both petrol and diesel put together. Out of those number, 149.000 units were sold in India. All i10' were equiped with petrol engines, while diesel variants were exported mainly to Europe.

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