Monday, September 19, 2011

New Hyundai Eon mini-car

Hyundai releases first official renderings of the all-new Eon city-car!

Hyundai will unveil a brand-new city car in India next month. Scheduled to make its official public premiere in October, the new mini-car from Hyundai will be called Eon.

It will be the smallest car Hyundai has ever produced and will be offered exclusively in India. The second most populated country in the world will also be the home of new Hyundai Eon, as the carmaker will produce it there.

While we have no reports on estimated sales numbers, the Eon will be a high-volume car competing against the likes of Tata Nano and Suzuki Alto, which has been the best selling vehicle in India for years.

The new Eon will be built upon a modified i10 platform and will be powered by a brand-new 0,8L engine developed by Hyundai. The engine churns out 56 horsepower and achieves 21,1 km with one liter of fuel!

As mentioned above, Hyundai Eon release date is set for October this year, so let's wait until then to find more details about the long-anticipated mini-car. [Source:]

Here are some imagesof the new Hyundai Eon:

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